Must-read Monday: The eLearning Digest

Hermann Ebbinghaus, the German psychologist known for his contribution to the study of memory, suggested that after a month a learner can forget up to 90 percent of the content they learned. eLearning prevents this, empowering learners with the choice to easily revisit any lesson and refresh their memory. 


Take a look at some of our blog posts on eLearning which were very popular in the last few months.

6 key eLearning trends for 2016 

It is important for companies to stay current on the changing trends in eLearning to reap maximum benefits and utilize appropriate learning strategies for their learners.

Why read it? If you want to know what’s in store for eLearning this year, this post is for you. 

Gamification in eLearning

Gamification in eLearning has become increasingly popular since it offers a wide range of advantages for learners and can help to make the overall experience not only enjoyable, but effective too.

Why read it? To know how gamification can be introduced in eLearning if the learners are unmotivated or reluctant, making it a fun way to learn.

Using social media as an eLearning tool 

A large section of the world’s workforce is addicted to social media. Why not use it for eLearning?

Why read it? If you want to know how to incorporate various social media platforms in eLearning to get more connected with learners.

Why microlearning is the next big thing 

With the reduction in average human attention span, a new way of learning has emerged: microlearning. This type of learning takes a shorter amount of time to complete, yet proves to better influence the learner than traditional eLearning.

Why read it? If you want more information on how “short and sweet” is the best, then check out the full post. 

The marriage of eLearning and manufacturing

Training plays an important role in the manufacturing industry. To keep pace with the changing trends in technology and manufacturing, it is important to continually train employees. This is where eLearning can be leveraged.

Why read it? If you work in the learning and development department of a manufacturing company and want to introduce eLearning courses to increase knowledge retention among your employees.

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