Learning the ropes of the foundry industry

Abhishek Jayaraman has a Bachelor of Technology degree in Production Engineering. After graduating from PSG College of Technology in Coimbatore, he started reading up online about foundries and machine shops. His family owns a foundry business and he wanted to learn the ropes of the industry before joining them. After finding out about THORS courses online, he went ahead to successfully complete the Fixturing Fundamentals for Machining course. Here is an excerpt from our chat with this passionate and dedicated learner.


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Top 10 foundry safety practices

The foundry work environment presents dangerous conditions, particularly around furnaces and other equipment used in the production of metal castings. Typical foundry processes involving molten metal are conducted at high temperatures, may emit noxious fumes, produces excess noise, and presents other hazardous conditions. These conditions make it a dangerous line of work for foundry professionals.

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Foundry walk-through on an Oculus Rift

We always knew we wanted to give THORS learners a way to experience a foundry in virtual space. We envisioned it as a Foundry101-level course that any new hires starting in the industry would be able to take for quick understanding of the manufacturing process. Finally, in 2015 we purchased an Oculus Rift Development Kit. With the Cast Expo coming this April, we decided to see what we could create to help share this valuable knowledge with foundry professionals. 

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