Gear manufacturing: Back to basics

Gears are thought to be one of the oldest components known to humankind. Early examples ofgear manufacturing - back to the basics gears trace back to the fourth century BC in China. Since then, gears have been used extensively for the transmission of power. They find application in almost all modern machinery. To meet the strenuous service conditions, gears should have robust construction, reliable performance, high efficiency, and long life. Also, gears should be fatigue and stress free to avoid failure which could lead to disastrous conditions. To meet all these conditions, the process of gear manufacturing has become a highly specialized field. It is one of the most complicated metal cutting processes. Continue reading “Gear manufacturing: Back to basics”

Foundry walk-through on an Oculus Rift

We always knew we wanted to give THORS learners a way to experience a foundry in virtual space. We envisioned it as a Foundry101-level course that any new hires starting in the industry would be able to take for quick understanding of the manufacturing process. Finally, in 2015 we purchased an Oculus Rift Development Kit. With the Cast Expo coming this April, we decided to see what we could create to help share this valuable knowledge with foundry professionals. 

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Hire for attitude or hire for skill?

Most companies underestimate the cost of a bad hire, when in actuality, a bad hire can impact an organization in a lot of ways. For example, online clothing shop Zappos found it was spending $100 million on bad hires and has now started offering new hires a $3,000 separation bonus to exit the organization within their first few months of joining if they are unhappy.

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