Gear manufacturing: Back to basics

Gears are thought to be one of the oldest components known to humankind. Early examples ofgear manufacturing - back to the basics gears trace back to the fourth century BC in China. Since then, gears have been used extensively for the transmission of power. They find application in almost all modern machinery. To meet the strenuous service conditions, gears should have robust construction, reliable performance, high efficiency, and long life. Also, gears should be fatigue and stress free to avoid failure which could lead to disastrous conditions. To meet all these conditions, the process of gear manufacturing has become a highly specialized field. It is one of the most complicated metal cutting processes. Continue reading “Gear manufacturing: Back to basics”

How millennials can drive innovation in manufacturing

Manufacturing is going through a metamorphosis driven by the ever-evolving complexity of consumer behavior, technological advancement, and market shifts. To gain a competitive edge, manufacturing companies require innovative products—innovation being a major driver behind business success. Hence, innovation, be it in technology, processes, or products, is playing a key role in all levels of manufacturing. For innovation to thrive, an environment where people with diverse expertise and experiences can collaborate, share ideas, and leverage multiple perspectives to solve challenging problems, and create novel opportunities, is required.


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Throwback Thursday: Taiichi Ohno, Father of Lean Manufacturing

The more inventory a company has, the less likely they will have what they need. This was the opinion of Taiichi Ohno, a Japanese industrial engineer, considered to be the father of the Toyota Production System, a management philosophy which in 1990s came to be known as Lean Manufacturing. Using Lean Manufacturing principles, manufacturing companies gain a competitive edge, reduce their manufacturing lead time, improve the quality of their products, and reduce waste. He devised the list of seven wastes (or muda in Japanese) as part of this system. His “just-in-time” system (kanban) revolutionized manufacturing processes.

Taiichi_Ohno.jpgSource: Wikipedia

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The global gear manufacturing market: An outlook

Have you ever tried cycling uphill? It’s really a tough task unless you use the right gear to increase your climbing force upwards.

Gears are used in machines of all kinds, not just cars and bicycles, but in toys, clocks, mixers, bikes, and oil rigs. Gears are essential for these, and many other, applications because they can generate more speed or power, or change the direction of power. 

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5 reasons to choose a cloud-based LMS for workforce training

By streamlining the learning process, learning management systems (LMS) have become increasingly popular with both organizations and educational institutions. In addition to providing learning, a LMS can be used for a variety of purposes including evaluating performance, getting employee feedback, and tracking compliance training. Moreover, with an LMS, instructional designers can create courses that are more cost-efficient and accessible for learners.

There are different types of learning management systems available in the market today for organizations to manage their eLearning courses for employees. These types include open source, proprietary, web-based, and cloud-based systems.


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THORS Spotlight: Sampada Inamdar, Dean of Anand University

Meet Sampada Inamdar, a science graduate who found her true passion in studying human behavior. This interest got her into a long and successful career in organizational and leadership development. Growing up, she changed 13 schools, owing to her father’s job in the Indian Defence Services. She had been involved with FMCG, consulting and of course, manufacturing. Read on for the inspiring success story of the Dean of Anand University and learn her take on education and learning in the manufacturing industry.

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Top women influencers in manufacturing – Part 3


Modern manufacturing has become a digitally driven sector, and it is no longer solely the “dirty and dangerous” occupation it has long been perceived to be. Today, there are many tech-centric and highly paid positions available at manufacturing companies. This makes a persuasive case for technologically savvy women to build a successful career in this sector. In our pursuit to attract more women to the manufacturing industry, we have been sharing stories of such women leaders in manufacturing who have made it big in their careers. Read on for some more inspiring stories.

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